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Combined Events 2016

The results are here

Lancashire Combined Events 2015

The results are now available here

All the Results of the Combined Events Championship 2014 held on 17th/18th May in conjunction with Lancashire Schools are here

Lancashire Schools now have their own website www.lancashireschoolsaa.co.uk

23rd April 2017

Lancashire AA Combined Events 2017 Results

The results of the 2017 combined events are here in Excel format and here as a .pdf file

Lancashire Combined Events 2018

The results for both days are here

Lancashire AA Combined Events Championships 2019


The results for the various events held at the 2019 Combined Events Championship are linked below-

CE2019-Inter Girls Heptathlon

CE2019-Junior Boys Pentathlon

CE2019-Junior Girls Pentathlon

CE2019-Senior Men Decathlon

CE 2019-U13-Boys Pentathlon

CE 2019-U13-Girls Pentathlon

Quadrathlon-Yr 3&4 Boys Sat

Quadrathlon-Yr 3&4 Boys Sun

Quadrathlon-Yr 3&4 Girls Sat

Quadrathlon-Yr 3&4 Girls Sun

Quadrathlon-Yr 5&6 Boys Sat

Quadrathlon-Yr 5&6 Boys Sun

Quadrathlon-Yr 5&6 Girls Sat

Quadrathlon-Yr 5&6 Girls Sun

Quadrathlon-Yr 7&8 Boys Sat

Quadrathlon Yr 7&8 Girls Sun  

Lancashire AA Combined Events Championships  2020

This event has now been cancelled due to the Coronavirus