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Lancashire Cross Country Championships 2016

The results for the 2016 championships are here

Results from previous years can be found here

Lancashire Cross-Country Championships Saturday 6th January  2018 at Witton Park Blackburn.

The results are on the Sportsoft site.

The Championship Secretary’s report is here

Lancashire Cross-Country Championship 2017 Results

The results for the 2017 championships are now on Graham Fecitt’s  Race Results site

Lancashire County Cross-Country championships 2015

The final version of the results are now on the Sportsoft website.


Lancashire Cross-Country Championships on 5th Jan 2019

The results (-which have now been corrected) are here. If you spot any errors please contact the organiser by the ‘Contact us’ button above.

Previous Lancashire Cross-Country Champions

There is a list of previous Lancashire Cross-Country champions (-across all age groups) here. If anyone can fill in the missing winners please contact Lancs AA via the ‘contact us’ button above.