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Northern Inter-Counties 2017

The full results are here

Results of Northern Inter-Counties Track and Field  held on 7th July 2018

The Northern Inter-Counties results are here

Inter-Counties Timetable 7th July 2019 From Northern Counties

The competition will be for age groups U17 Men and Women and U15 Girls and Boys

2 Athletes per County will be permitted in each event.  In track events , 2 heats will be run if necessary, best performance to score. In field events, all athletes will have three attempts with the top 8 having a further three attempts.

Only one competition per gender will be held in High Jump and Pole Vault. Two athletes per  County are eligible to compete and any age group combination may be used in these events.

Opening heights will be:-  

High Jump  -  1.50m Male

                    1.25m Female

 Pole Vault -   2.00m Male

                    1.80 Female

Relays will consist of the following:  U17 M and F 2 x 200m. 1 x 400m. 1 x 800m.  U15 B and G 4x100m


TRACK                                             FIELD

11.30  100mH   U17M                 11.15 Javelin         U15G

11.40  80mH     U15B                          Pole Vault    Men

11.50  80mH    U17W                          Long Jump   U17W

12.00  75mH    U15G                  11.45 Shot Putt     U15B

12.10  3000m  U17W                  12.15 High Jump   Men

12.30  200m    U15G                  12.45 Long Jump   U15G

12.40  3000m  U17M                           Javelin         U15B

13.00  100m    U17M                  13.05 Shot            U17M

13.10  100m   U15B                    14.15 Javelin        U17W

13.20  100m   U17W                            Long Jump  U15B

13.30  100m    U15G                   14.25 Shot           U15G

13.40  800m   U17W                   14.45 Pole Vault   Women

13.50  800m   U17M                   14.55  High Jump  Women

14.00  200m   U15B                    15.45 Javelin        U17M

14.10  1500m U17M                             Shot           U17M

14.25  1500m U17W  

 14.40  300m   U17W

14.50  400m   U17M

15.05  800m U15G

15.20  800m U15B

15.35  4x100m Relay  U15G

15.45  4x100m Relay  U15B

16.00  Medley Relay  U17W

16.20  Medley Relay  U17M

14.10  1500m  U17M                   

 14.25  1500m  U17W  

 14.40  300m    U17W

14.50  400m    U17M

15.05  800m    U15G

15.20  800m    U15B

15.35  4x100m Relay  U15G

15.45  4x100m Relay  U15B

16.00  Medley Relay  U17W

16.20  Medley Relay  U17M