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Lancashire Officials Page

Level 1 Timekeepers-Endurance and Track

Please see this link for the new arrangements for Endurance and Track Timekeepers.

Track & Field Officials Courses 2018 at Witton Park

There will be courses for track & field officials in timekeeping, track judging, field judging and H&S at Witton Park, Blackburn on Sunday 11th March 2018.

The details and entry form are available on the England Athletics website if you follow this link.


Level 4 Endurance Course

A Level 4 Endurance Officials  course will be held on Saturday April 28th in the Midlands.  The course is promoted every 2 years and is essential for any Endurance Official who is seeking to progress to Level 4; it is open to all Level 3 Officials and those currently at Level 2 who are contemplating a possible advancement in the future.  The cost is £30 and the course is one day.

Please contact John Temperton at jtemperton@uka.org.uk to express an interest in attending or with any questions that you may have.


New requirement for Level 2 Track and Field Officials from 1st April


In addition to the existing requirements all candidates for accreditation to Level 2 will require one report to be completed by an official at Level 3 or above. There will be a specific form for this



For field judges the report will need to show that they can work competently on a long throw, showing full understanding of the safety protocols."