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Results of previous Road Events events are here


Lancashire 10 Mile Championship 2017

The results are here

Lancashire 5 Mile Championship Results 2017

The Lancashire Championship were held in conjunction with the Green Drive 5.The results in the various catagories-



Male team

Female team

Male Vets team

Female Vets team

North West Road Relays 2018

Results are here


Green Drive 5 -Lancashire Championships Results

The results of the Green Drive 5 are on John Schofields site

The list of Lancashire Champions is here

Lancashire 10 mile Championships 2018 Results

The full race results of the 10 mile championship, held in conjunction with the Preston 10 are here

The Lancashire Championship Winners are here


(Inc. Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Merseyside Championships

and possibly Cumbria).

Under UKA “Rules for Competition’’. - Licence No.  – to be applied for

Being held at Edge Hill University, St Helens Road, Ormskirk, L39 4QP

on Sunday, 8th September 2019

10:30 Under 11 Girls/Boys  3 x 1.5km  £10 per team  

11:00 Under 13 Girls  3 x 2.8km (1 lap)  £10 per team  

11:30 Under 13 Boys  3 x 2.8km £10 per team  

12:00  Under 15 Girls  3 x 2.8km £10 per team  

12:00  Under 17 Women  3 x 2.8km £10 per team  

12:30  Under 15 Boys  3 x 2.8km £10 per team  

13:00  Senior Women  3 x 5km (2 laps) £15 per team  

13:00  Under 17 Men  3 x 5km (2 laps) £10 per team  

14:30  Senior Men  4 x 5km (2 laps) £20 per team  

Age Groups as at 31 August 2019. Under 13s must be at least 11 years old on the day.

Juniors (U20s) compete in the Senior events.

ALL runners must be first claim membersof their club for road running; CLUB VESTS must be worn.

All athletes (except U/11) must be paid up members of England Athletics

County qualification: Club athletes can only compete in the county championship in which they are eligible by birth or residence.


AWARDS: North West awards to the first eligible team in each event and fastest leg awards in each age category. Each County will decide on the awards for their respective County Championship.  

ENTRIES: Please note carefully:

1. Online Only via Sportsoft at www.race-results.co.uk  

2. Each club is responsible for ensuring all runners used on the day are eligible as described above as 1st claim for road running on the date of competition and their EA affiliation is paid.  

Closing date for entries is Sunday 1st SEPTEMBER 2019

No Late Entries!!


This event is organised by Merseyside County Athletic Association with the co-operation of Edge Hill University and Liverpool Pembroke and Sefton

Lancashire 10 mile Championships 2019

The 2019 Championships are being held in conjunction with the Preston 10 on 17th November.

Link to entries is here